Rochester, MN Senior Softball League
Rochester, MN Senior Softball League

Article 1: Name

The name of the Association shall be Rochester MN Senior Softball (RMSS)

Article 2: Objectives

The objective of RMSS shall be to organize a softball league for seniors. RMSS shall promote good sportsmanship in league and tournament play through its board of directors, team managers, and individual team members, with player safety as a primary concern.

Article 3: Membership

Section 1: Membership is open to men 50+ years of age, and women 40+ years of age, who turn than minimum age during the calendar year of play.

Section 2: RMSS is open to all races, creeds, and religions, as long as the person meets the age requirement in section 1.

Section 3: New members will be added to teams in a process determined by a majority of votes cast at an association meeting.

Article 4: Officers

Section 1: The officers of the Board of Directors shall be elected annually in October for the next year, with a term of one year. These officers shall be League Coordinator, Secretary, Treasurer, Publicity Chairperson, and each Team Manager. A nominating committee appointed by the League Coordinator, representative of the Association's diverse membership, shall screen and discuss applicants for positions on the Board, secure their pledges to serve, and present its recommended slate of officers at the October Association meeting. Additional nominations for any Board positions may be made from the floor if moved and seconded by members qualified to vote (see Article 8, Section 1).

Subsection A: All members of the Board of Directors shall pledge to enforce, and abide by, the Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, and drafting procedures approved by the Association.

Subsection B: On matters to be voted on by the Board only, each Board member shall have one vote. Board votes may occur in person, by telephone, or electronic means, and the issue plus how each Board member voted must be reported and recorded at the next Association meeting (see Article 9, Section 1.)

Subsection C: A majority vote by the Board shall determine the outcome of a protest, and shall replace any Board member who resigns or is unable to serve.

Subsection D: If the Board determines that a Team Manager is not in the best interests of his/her team and the Association, it may vote to force the resignation of that Team manager. To remove a Team Manger, the Board vote must be unanimous with no abstentions. That team must then vote to elect a new Team manager.

Section 2: The League Coordinator of the RMSS shall be the chief executive officer of the Association, and must be a member of the Association in good standing, with the necessary leadership qualities as deemed by the voting members.

Subsection A: He/she shall run the activities of the RMSS, oversee and approve any recruitment of players, supervise the player draft, and assign players to teams after the draft is completed. He shall do this with the cooperation and approval of the rest of the Board.

Subsection B: He/she shall keep the league records and report periodically the league standings to the Board.

Subsection C: He/she shall be responsible for coordination with other softball associations for tournaments, including assigning players to teams where necessary, setting up any tournaments sponsored by the RMSS, and performing any other duties as written in an addendum to these bylaws.

Subsection D: He/she shall appoint members to serve as Directors (see Article 5) for the Association.

Subsection E: He/she shall also appoint members to committees as necessary, making sure that all significant points of view are represented by those committee members.

Subsection F: He/she shall preside over all Association meetings.

Section 3: The Secretary of the RMSS shall take the minutes of the Association meetings and keep a record of the business that is conducted. Early in each Association meeting, the Secretary shall verify that there is a quorum (see Article 9, Section 2) for conduction business, and identify the person voting for each team or Board position.

Section 4: The Treasurer of the RMSS shall keep and record the financial records of the Association, deposit the Associations monies in a bank account ratified by the Board, and pay its approved bills.

Subsection A: The Treasurer shall ensure that all players have paid their Association dues, have reported their birth dates and residential addresses, and have signed a "hold harmless" waiver statement before playing in any Association pre-season practices, seasonal league games, or tournaments.

Subsection B: He/she will keep records that report what funds each team has secured for equipment.

Subsection C: Annually, the Treasurer shall prepare his/her records in a timely manner for a financial review, and when completed, the financial review shall be available for review by interested members in good standing.

Article 5: Directors

Section 1: The League Coordinator shall appoint Directors for Scheduling, Equipment, and Communications. The League Coordinator can appoint other Directors as needed.

Section 2: The Director of Scheduling shall be responsible for coordinating with Rochester Parks & Recreation and ASA officials to determine the schedule of pre-season practices and league play.

Section 3: The Director of Equipment shall be in charge of investigating the cost of jerseys, caps, and placing orders when instructed by the League Coordinator while keeping the Treasurer informed of costs before the orders are placed. He/she shall also order softballs and other equipment as needed for the league play.

Section 4: The Director of Communication shall be in charge of maintaining mailing list for U.S. Postal Service mail, faxes, and/or e-mails. He/she shall also be the contact for all media involvement for the RMSS.

Article 6: Committees

Section 1: The League Coordinator shall appoint all committee chairs and members who should be representative of all significant points of view on the subjects to be studied by the committee.

Article 7: Team Managers

Section 1: Team Managers shall be the designated leaders of their teams and shall be elected by their teammates annually by no later than May 30. Designated (elected or appointed) Assistant Team Managers may be utilized by the teams, and such persons may cast the Team Manager votes at Association meetings in his/her absence.

Article 8: Voting

Section 1: Changes to the bylaws, rules & regulations, and/or drafting procedures shall be determined by a majority of votes cast at a duly convened Association meeting. Major changes to these documents shall be conducted by a committee whose recommendations shall be proposed, amended, and voted upon at an Association meeting. Individual changes to these documents may be made under "Old Business" during any Association meeting.

Section 2: At Association meetings, each Board member shall have one vote. Non-Board member attendees (any duly registered RMSS player) shall have no vote. In the event that a Board member is absent, no one will be eligible to vote for him/her, but a designated Assistant Team Manager may cast a vote for an absent Team Manager. Because Board members may represent more than one position on the Board, no person may cast more than two (2) votes on any particular decision.

Article 9: Meetings

Section 1: The League Coordinator shall set Association meetings at a convenient time and place by notifying Association members in writing or e-mail at least two weeks in advance. There shall be a minimum of two meetings before league play begins and one meeting after league play concludes. As a guideline it is recommended that Association meetings be held monthly. Any duly registered RMSS player may attend these meetings.

Section 2: In order for the RMSS Association to conduct business, a quorum must be in attendance. Such quorum is defined as the majority of Board members. Designated Assistant Team Managers shall count at Board members when replacing the Team Manager at an Association meeting.

Section 3: The Association meetings shall be run by Parliamentary Procedure as enforced by the League Coordinator or his/her designated replacement.

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